Review: St. Vincent “Digital Witness”


“What’s the point of even sleeping?
If I can’t show it, if you can’t see me”

One of the recurring themes that run through St Vincents’ latest self-titled album is the concern and fear of peoples increasing reliance on social media and the Internet at large. We live in a time when people have become increasingly dependant on other people’s opinion. When someone experiences something in life, rather than just simply living in the moment they immediately take a picture, post a tweet, update their status in order to receive validation in the form of likes, favourites and retweets.

One of the songs that best represents this increasing need to share everything is second single “Digital Witness”. The music video for this standout track was released in January of 2014. Chino Moya directed the surreal clip which sees a totalitarian Annie Clark robotically overseeing her pastel-coloured Metropolis. Always watching, Clark subtly nods in approval of her conforming subjects who live out there lives in perfect unison both at home and at work.



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