Review: The Family Rain “Don’t waste your time”

Last year was a great year for the Music Video world, as a lot of our Archive will tell you. One little gem we thought we’d share with you is from The Family Rain Directed by Finn Keenan. This is one of our simple-videos-done-well collection and we think it’s a beaut.

Set in the dank environment of a low-brow pub, this video almost acts as a social commentary for the drinking culture in Britain as many folks indulge in a pub visit only to sit in silence among a crowd of others, drinking their life away. In “Don’t waste your time” We see a glimpse of this scene in grey dusty desolation as an empty bar sits static on our screen. Suddenly one of the old residents gets up and walks to the ‘stage’ area of the bar to be lit up in golden starlight. He begins to perform the song with a band behind him, glistening in a shimmering jacket and a warm glow. As he performs for the crowd they begin to turn heads towards him, taking in the majesty. The solemn song goes on as we reach the climax of the song and an aggressive turn forces the entire bars residents up onto the stage, performing alongside their front man. As the song draws to a close the tone reverts to the origin of the pub as dreary residents stand around the establishment as before, still inactive. A lovely little watch. Enjoy!

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