Review: To Kill A King “Fictional State”


Directed by Jack King
Producer/1st AD: Elliot Tagg
DP: Brian Fawcett

To Kill A King created a video for each of their songs on their 2011 EP ‘My Crooked Saint,’ each with a narrative that would interlink with the last. In this video, we can also see the same level of thoughtfulness. The narrative shows the life of two adults populating a house to start a family, and all takes place under one roof, with different rooms serving as different life milestones/ events. To add to this, we have an ambiguous director character, along with the daughter of the adult couple.

The (maybe too obvious) words that come to mind are ‘playing house’ – the daughter watches on in confusion as the director instructs the silent couple through different scenarios that stereotypically depict the journey that couples/ parents take. The couple become animate as soon as the director has spoken, and the daughter becomes increasingly bewildered as the events unfold. The video crescendos with a post-play celebration, as all the extras from the house (such as the vicar who married the couple) let off party streamers and congratulate the performance of the main characters & director. This leads the young daughter to run away, baffled about the whole ordeal.

One thing that resonates in this piece is seeing the difference between the adults’ indifferent pauses as they await instruction and the daughter’s desperation to work out what’s going on. For me, it presents the idea that adults understand certain milestones in their lives are more difficult to arrive at, and people act accordingly in those situations rather than consistently. In other words, we’re sometimes not like ourselves at all. We sometimes do not notice that we are neglecting other areas of our life, or influencing those around us, in this case the daughter. A thought provoking and inventive music video.

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