Review: Tourist feat. Josef Salvat & Niia “Holding On”

Hooked from the first frame. This weeks video of the week is a fantastic, weird, unexplainable piece of work from one of our favorite up and coming Directors ‘Holly Blakey’. Putting her fantastic ability to express dance on the screen to work, Holly Blakey manages to create an intimate and strange relationship through our two main characters and they go through the motions of a couple, through lust, disinterest, intimacy and anger.

“Holding on” plays on the themes that lovers all go through in their lifetime as we see the pair dance out their feelings for one another over time. From the first frame we get an intense and more intimate look at a kiss than we are used to achieving through visual media which forces us to want to look away, like we’ve invaded the privacy of another, but we know we just can’t. The couple is played by the fantastic Naomi Weijand & Joshua Hubbard, ever changing and ever hypnotic we watch as they go through a wide variety of situations and locations without expressing a single word. Set against the backdrop of their oriental home, this truly makes for a beautiful landscape of expression and we find ourselves hooked till the end.

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