Review: Autre Ne Veut “World War Pt. 2”

This is… hands down… the creepiest video to be entered into the OTE ‘Video of The Week’ Hall of Fame, but something about it forces you to watch to the last frame.

This video, Directed by Allie Avital for Autre Ne Veut “World War Pt. 2” begins, as does the song, with a surreal erratic image of a feminine humanoid creature screaming into the shoulder of another man. As the verse begins we are subject to a wide view of the pair in different situations around a house. Both naked, and seemingly hairless, we see a humanoid type of creature latched onto the front of a similar looking man. Shot stunningly by Kate Arizmendi the singer serenely sings along to the song whilst encumbered with what we can only presume to be his partner or loved one. As we run through the song we see the pair in different daily situations, standing in the hallway, eating breakfast, reading the paper, in the bath and eventually in bed. As we reach the bedroom, the end of the video, it seems the pair have begun to merge together in a more physical sense and there is no longer a distinguishable barrier between the two bodies, now one. What we can only assume to be a metaphor for partnerships in life and visualizing the metaphorical connection we share with our partners. The video progresses the everyday situations a couple find themselves sharing into a more tangible physical connection before showcasing that famous Spice Girls lyric – when 2 become 1. But not to trivialize what is honestly a beautiful visual piece, encompassing all we hold dear in love and relationship’s and supporting a great song from Autre Ne Veut. Take your own interpretation if you will but you can’t deny this very well executed video.

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