Review: JR JR “Gone”

So September is upon us and so to keep spirits high we are dedicated our Video Of The Week to fun here at OTE with Jr Jr “Gone” Directed by Los Perez. This quaint and sweet video will have you on your feet dancing in no time, even if the rest of you is sitting down.

“Gone” begins by setting up an array of characters all feeling a little low in their lives as the song rings out a message of lost time and stagnant life. We see a clown alone on his birthday, a bored housewife and a schoolkid about to become the victim of 80’s TV bullying. However, as all seems lost, a strange and surreal moments pulls the legs out from underneath us, and our characters. The lower halves of their bodies suddenly detach themselves and begin dancing along to the song in a truly happy way and suddenly, everything feels alright again. With a slightly melancholic and ironic undertone this Los Perez video plays with a surreal visual to heighten the song and show us all our hidden inner dancer.

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