Review: Fiona Apple “Paper Bag”


Fiona Apple released her video for “Paper Bag” in 2000 as the third single from her second studio album, When the Pawn… This video marks one of many on going collaborations between Fiona Apple and America’s Holy Grail Paul Thomas Anderson.

The video is a beautifully slick concoction of dance and performance by Fiona in an ever changing environment, reminiscent of a fast-paced theater set. With beautifully flowing camera work, Fiona is surrounded by the everyday boys of the world, the business-focused, suited and booted children. As the song suggests, she realizes her resistance to conformity and the need of a ‘man’, portrayed by children in the video, in light of disappointing hopeful advances. The video takes steps up as it progresses and the environment gets busier and more chaotic, alongside Fiona’s typically quirky performances to camera, and finishes on a bleak note which completes the full circle between the video’s opening and closing. Beautifully lit, beautifully composed, this is certainly one for the history books.

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