Review: Childish Gambino “Sweatpants”


Childish Gambino released his video for song “Sweatpants” off of his second album “Because of the Internet”. This video marks one of the ongoing collaborations between Gambino and our favorite Music Video Director over here Hiro Murai.

The video sees Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) walking through a traditional take-out diner at night in one beautiful continuous take. Glover begins in a very standard way, rapping to the camera with very little else going on, but as he continues to walk circles round the diner we notice the other customers all appear to have the same face as him. This continues to the shocking climax when Childish slams the table with his final line of the song. We are then witness to every customer sharing the one face of Donald Glover. The video concept is brilliantly simple, playing on the line from the song “Don’t be mad if I’m doing me better than you’re doing you” and hinting at the idea that people just want to be Childish Gambino (I know I sure do!). With Hiro Murai’s common use of muted tones and soft filmic aesthetic, this video is a beautiful masterpiece in one loooong take. Hit it, Replay it and Enjoy it!

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