Review: OK GO “Needing / Getting”


OK GO have done it again. Every time this band releases a video I sit down, get out the popcorn and crank it up to full HD as it is always a treat. This time they are putting their ingenuity to their song “Needing / Getting” and they’ve taken it one step further – the song you hear is recorded Live.  As always OK GO have pushed the boundaries on what’s possible when you put your mind to it, ever since that little video of them performing on treadmills went viral.

On this occasion we find our merry inventors in a car and we open with an interesting STOMP worthy performance of the songs drum track, played with the car’s interior. Once the car is put into gear and speeds off though, the real fun begins and we’re privy to tracks of guitars, bins, milk bottles and jam jars lined perfectly to play every note of the song. Driven to precision by lead singer Damian Kulash whilst singing the songs poignant vocals. This all spirals to a halt as the car is slipped gently into reverse for the big finish. Doc Brown would be proud.


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