Review: Harmony “Definition: Winter/Fall 2014”


At the back end of 2014 Harmony released their new video for their Winter/Fall collection entitled “Definition”. In traditional fashion film style; this video is dance performance focused with a strong music presence. Directed by the stellar Directing Duo Julien + Adrien; and performed beautifully by Mia Hjelte & Daniel Norgren-Jensen this is an effortlessly wonderful piece.

The video sees choreography from Mia Hjelta and Daniel Norgren-Jensen performed in clothing from the Harmony range. As the music build through the intro we see Norgren-Jensen on a morning rooftop. When the song really hits it’s key motif we are struck by the pair dancing intimately with one another as the frame switches between separate shots as the pair change their choice of the Harmony collection clothing. Beautifully performed and beautifully shot by Sophian Belgarbi. This is truly my favorite fashion film of recent times. Bravo.

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