Review: FKA Twigs “Video Girl”

A What Matters Most & Pulse Films Production

Directed by Kahlil Joseph

Choreography by Ryan Heffington

Kahlil Joseph and Ryan Heffington have done well in this video to encapsulate the abstractly sexual, longingly emotive world FKA’s debut album ‘LP1’ lives in. The result is an undeniable feeling of being unsettled, but in a curious way that leaves you unable to turn away.

Using two songs off of ‘LP1,’ it strikes a surreal narrative between shots of twisted choreography, portraying a desperation that parallels the lyrics of the song.The choice to film in black-and white builds contrast between the startling, clinical white of the hospital room scene and the black abyss of the side rooms.

The aesthetic of it is what I’d call subtle horror noir, with modern images interwoven such as the (bloody) teeth grills worn by an onlooking character. Combined, this video becomes an unadulterated expression of concept and character, well executed in each element.

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