Review: Eskmo “We’ve Got More”


Directed by Cyriak Harris

A simple idea with a complex resolution. Here we see a mechanically-styled masterpiece of video editing madness sure to leave your head in a strange and unfamiliar place. And it’s all with one clear focus – the repetition of a city.

The only variable feature in the city that does not seem to be drifting with the ever-shuffling roads and buildings are the eyes (on TVs, on legs), which makes the whole thing feel like a love child of George Orwell and MC Escher, wrapped in a terrible acid trip in the middle of New York. It creates an almost distressing effect – the consistent rhythmic movement is hypnotic, even kaleidoscopic in parts, drawing your eyes further into the screen. It comments on the relentless, ever shifting and yet still monotonous, imprisoning nature of a big city life. This is nicely rounded off with the popular distopian ideology that we are, as civilians, all ruled by some unknown spectator hiding behind a TV screen (in this case, on legs).

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