Review: Cashmere Cat “Wedding Bells”

Director – Peter Marsden
D.O.P – David Liddell

A stroke of fun filled, postmodern, high definition genius. Think of the trailer for every Sundance nominated love story film you’ve seen a trailer for. Now replace the reviews with quotes from sometimes ecstatic, sometimes confused, fans on Soundcloud following the release of this song. This is the result, and it’s just as interesting as you could imagine.

The film chuckles at that instagram-ready relationship, full of Skins drama and young love against the world, that we see in both feature film and music video alike. Naturally, therefore, the aesthetic of the video is as stunning, even as convincing, as ‘the real thing.’ This makes it all the more joyous when the quote “SO F***ING GREAT HAVE MERCY ON ME” from Stephie Dearest, Soundcloud, certifies this fictitious film as the one to watch. A tongue-in-cheek masterpiece.

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