Review: Marmaduke Duke “Kid Gloves”

Director/ Artist/ Produced by – Transistor Studios (New York)

This video follows the story of a mysterious Duke imposing justice on the hunters of the great outdoors using Bernard’s Watch his weapon of choice. The animation style perfectly suits this fable structured narrative.

The tone of the song and the dreamy ‘countryside at night’ colour scheme team up beautifully to evoke the feeling that you’re being told an age old story. The simplicity of watching the birds pulled magically across the sky on string, followed by the an ending that mirrors German fables in its chilling nature, will surely have you listening and watching again. Moreover, though Gorillaz certainly take a lead on the animated story-line-for-music front, the former Biffy Clyro and Sucioperro members have done well to create such an original looking running plot-line to accompany their songs.

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