Review: SAGE “In Between”


Ambroise Willaume -aka SAGE- has spent much of the last decade concocting Avant pop rock as part of the French quartet “Revolver”. More recently he’s contributed towards Woodkid’s LP “Golden Age”, where he’s credited as a Composer and Arranger. The music video for “In Between” sees him make his solo debut and what a brilliant debut it is.

Directed by Ismael Moumin, the video immediately pops with the aesthetic charisma expected from a photographer turned video director. Sat with head cowering behind his risen collar, SAGE looks spiritually sunken. The blanket of pastoral blue in the background reinforces this low energy as well as beautifully complimenting the equally pastoral bodies which soon dominate the video. Each frame makes for a gorgeous still as bodies contort, collapse and caress each other. Choreographer Julie Bour has the Dancers embrace, one second appearing tender and longing, the next conflicted and suffocating; A juxtaposition replicated in shots where the frame is cut in two (a hallmark taken from Moumin’s photography), each side displaying SAGE from a different angle. Crooning “Is there no other feeling in between” there is no doubt, his mind and heart are torn.

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