Review: Christine and The Queens “Christine”


Christine and The Queens is a visual/sonic project led by singer-songwriter Héloïse Letissier. The France native’s video for Christine is a joyfully choreographed 4 minutes in which Héloïse tip toes around a large square platform with 3 backing dancers; Simple in concept, flawless in execution. What sparks my enthusiasm for this video is how effortless the whole affair feels. Despite the largely intricate moves, Héloïse and crew performs them with such laissez-faire attitude, never seeming to stress a muscle or strain a joint. The type of performance that you see and then want to attempt at home. They jive light as a feather whilst the camera and lighting dynamically evolve around them, with the camera here being particular nifty, managing to sink below the very floor they step on, resulting in some pretty cool visuals.

The overall effect is constant momentum, something Director duo J.A.C.K are renown for. If you’re a fan of the video, its also worth you checking out its spiritual precursor, the mind bending “Saint Claude” and we mean that description quite literally.

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