Review: Childish Gambino “Sober”


Childish Gambino released his new video for song “Sober” off of the Kauai EP. This video marks the latest fantastic collaboration between Gambino and one of our favorite Music Video Directors Hiro Murai; following from previous collaborations ‘Sweatpants’ and ‘3005’.

The video sees Donald Glover trying to seduce a young woman in a midnight take-out diner. As it begins, Glover’s subtle and strange interpretations of the song forces his partner away. As he pursues her around the Diner, performing more bizarre and unnerving choreography, she slowly succumbs to his temptations as the climax hits and Glover performs a 360 degree spin on a nearby table. The dance eventually slows to a slow, cheerful ‘high-school’ dance style as his partner stands to collect her take-away and leave the restaurant, leaving Glover once again alone. Beautiful choreographed and wonderfully shot, with Hiro Murai’s use of classically muted tones and soft filmic aesthetics make this video one for the replay button.

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