Review: Sia “Elastic Heart”


Don’t worry we haven’t neglected the groundbreaking Sia and kid genius Maddie Zeigler from One Thousand Eyes. We were just wanting to bring you some stuff you hadn’t seen yet! Sia released the video for song “Elastic Heart” in early 2015. This video marks another fantastic collaboration between Sia and our favorite little dancer Maddie Zeigler with regular highlight Ryan Heffington (I’m not going to tell you what he does as you should already know!). It also sees a wonderful performance by superstar Shia Lebouf.

The video for ‘Elastic Heart’ sparked much controversy on it’s release due to adult themes “apparently” present, however we at One Thousand Eyes think it is a purely beautiful piece which sees the fantastic Shia Lebouf performing inside a cage with Maddie Zeigler. As it begins, the pair seem to battle through the performance as opposing forces; described by Sia as the many different states of mind she feels she encompasses. As Shia pursues Zeigler around the cage, performing choreography mimicking ideas of fatherhood, the primitive, age and loss; the dance eventually slows to a heartfelt moment in which Shia makes faces at Zeigler as they begin to bond. The video ends with Shia, still locked on the inside of the cage, clasping onto Zeigler as she escapes. Beautifully choreographed by the amazing Ryan Heffington (alright, I told you) this video is truly something to behold.

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