Review: Denai Moore “Blame”


Hailing from East London, Denai Moore debuts the haunting video for “Blame”, Directed by Simon Cahn. Assigned as the lead single from the singers forthcoming album “Elsewhere”, Blame uniquely blends elements of folk, RnB and soul, delivering a beautifully solemn ballad which encapsulates the emotional burden of toxic “love”.

The video for Blame presents a bit of a puzzle, but in the best possible way. Refusing to divulge into trivialities of a relationship, it instead looks at the resultant despair when things go sour. Beginning at the end and ending at the beginning, both intro and climax depict a crash scene of some sort, each side displaying a slightly altered perspective. Mere meters from this scene sits Denai, sealed in a self designated vehicle, appearing oblivious or indifferent to her fate or the scene of the accident right next to her. Instead she painfully reminisces over recent heart ache “Memories stay when lovers go”. Seemingly driving itself, the car ploughs ever faster into the surrounding white abyss of the frozen Icelandic landscape, a picturesque stage for such a bleak narrative.

Meanwhile a weather beaten man present at the scene chases her down, feverishly trying to stop the car in its tracks. Whether friend or foe is the mystery. His expressions range from concerned to threatening and even fearful. Is he fruitlessly trying to save her from self destruction, or is he trying to prevent her from escaping his own possessive grasp. Neither of the two? We’ll let you decide. What’s certain though is that the lyrics depicts a scenario in which one acts out in the name of love,  “No one does it more than you” she laments.

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