Review: V. Bozeman “Race Jones”


“I’ve been sitting on “Race Jones” for over a year and it was time to put it out. I wanted to see my people getting some musical nourishment and trying to heal some type of hurt.”  V. Bozeman


Veronika Bozemans video for her first single written by Cee Lo, is just as bold and striking as it’s message. Directed by Adam Tillman-Young, with Bruce Francis Cole as DOP  “Race Jones” was released early in light of the Ferguson grand jury’s decision, to not indict police officer Darren Wilson for Michael Brown’s shooting. Its message to love the skin you’re in, is baked into its cinematic visuals.

The video stars singer V. Bozeman covered in layers and layers of white paint against a white backdrop and white chair. On the surface its seems to be a straight analogy to white skin but the bright lighting and occasional blur make Bozeman appear almost invisible while she moves graciously to the composition. As the song reaches a crescendo, and Bozeman echoes the words “Just let it breath I can’t breathe” black oil pours over her. The white background is now something she contrasted against, she no longer blends in, bold and literally “blacker then black” the. The camera shakes as she belts, jagged cuts and sharp movements; we watch as Bozeman goes through an almost violent transition, until she is revealed unapologetic and happy caressing her paint free skin. The cuts are now smooth and unobtrusive reflecting her acceptance with her herself.

A poignant, artistic and emotive piece.



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