Review: Alt-J “Pusher”


Alt-J have had a run of success on the release of their latest album “This is all yours” and the accompanying music videos are consistently brilliant. The latest addition to this repertoire is “Pusher” Directed by Thomas Rhazi out of Division in Paris.

On first watch, you might wonder what in the hell you have been viewing. But on the surface the video is just that – a surreal venture – as we watch a man slowly descent into suicide, surrounded by a large group of suited men. The vast vacant lot in which they stand adds to this atmosphere as we are given a ‘stage’ for his performance. The video is wonderfully shot, constructed as a one-shot piece masking the changes from day-to-night via elements in the scene. Really, however, it is a video which explores the pragmatism of soap-box politicians; standing in the streets (or more recently all over the internet – Russell Brand -) spouting their views on the world and trying to evangelize the people to some kind of cause or thought process. As his audience closes in on him he begins to become more panicked and exacerbates his position. Eventually the pressure of the crowd becomes far too much and he takes his own life to escape. This video paints a darkly surreal picture of the idea and end on a commonly solemn note as is the case with a lot of Alt-J videos. Well worth the watch.

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