Review: Rosie Lowe “How’d You Like”


Browsing through YouTube late one evening I stumbled upon this gem. What initially caught my attention was the thumbnail of two people standing in separate doorways tied together by what appeared to be string. The video titled “How’d You Like It” serves as one of the many glimpses London-based singer Rosie Lowe has released in the build up to her upcoming debut album set be released later this year.

Following her stellar debut EP “Right Thing” in late 2013, Rosie has gone on to release the synthpop “Water Came Down” and most recently “Who’s That Girl”, which serves as her current single. Sandwiched between both of those releases was ‘How’d You Like It’, a sultry and somewhat jazzy track accompanied by distorted organs and a snapping beat. Lyrically the song deals with a tense relationship and the accompanying video delves further into these themes in a subtle yet interesting way.

Directed by Us duo (Christopher Barrett and Luke Taylor), the moody clip opens in the dimly lit hallway of an abandoned building. Perhaps serving as a visual metaphor for a relationship, this hallway is rundown and void of life and colour. Slowly, the camera makes its way through various rooms finding both couples and people in solitude bound by reflective yarn in striking and inventive ways. All the while Rosie remains surround by this same yarn before beginning to breakthrough towards the end of the video.

“We had been experimenting with reflective yarn for over a year and felt this track was the perfect fit. It’s an amazing material that illuminates when hit with a small LED light – basically the same yarn used in cycling clothing that lights up under car lights. Using Rosie’s lyrics as a starting point we started to investigate the connections between people, whether that’s the tension between two people or simply isolation.” – Us


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