Review: Keaton Henson “To Your Health”


We are no strangers to Keaton Henson and his fabulous music videos here at One Thousand Eyes, but this song and video need a special mention this week. Keaton Henson released his video for song “To Your Health” in early 2012 and began an era of beautiful videos to come from the artist in collaboration with Director William Williamson. This video sees Elizabeth Harrod dancing to the beautiful choreography of Marguerite Porter.

Sometimes the most beautiful videos are the simplest and this is no exception. With grace and stature comes the visual melody that accompanies my favorite Henson song, as a ballet is performed in a vast empty warehouse. With Henson sat melancholic in the center of the video, we are hit hard by the simple elegance of Marguerite Porter’s choreography. Full of emotion and tenderness the performance matches the tone of the song perfectly and sets our hearts melting right until the end. I could use many more synonyms for the word beautiful but I think the one word does it justice, just watch, enjoy and stay tuned.

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