Review: Fleet Foxes “The Shrine/ An Argument”


Released at the end of 2011, Fleet Foxes “The Shrine / An Argument” still resonates as one of the most visually striking and provocative music videos of recent memory. Directed by the brilliant Sean Pecknold, the video tells a dark twisted fantasy of one poor elk’s treacherous voyage through the mysterious and unforgiving wilderness. Using rustic animation techniques like multiplane for perceptual depth, depth of field and traditional film grain, Sean delivers a authentic yet distinctly off kilt tale. One which arouses a sense of folklore and otherworldliness similarly displayed by the song.

The 8 minute animation adorns the beautiful art of Stacey Rozich, an artists who’s works beams with colour and vibrant tribalism whilst also wielding a macabre edge; an underlying darkness that melds beautifully with the sister narrative at hand.

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