Review: Flight Facilities “Down To Earth”


Flight Facilities released their new video for song “Down to Earth” a couple of weeks ago to the Love of the Internet. This video, Directed by Rhett Wade-Ferrell and Choreographed by Vincent Paterson stars the ever-fantastic Sam Rockwell dancing his Hollywood heels off.

If you aren’t already in Love with Sam Rockwell you are doing this life thing wrong. The fantastic star actor takes a turn in this music video into a genre we are not used to – Dance – and boy is it entertaining. Granted it’s far more of a ‘dad-dance’ than Swan Lake but Vincent Paterson and Sam have turned out to be a great team in bringing this song to life. The video is a surreal portrait of a guy sitting alone in a diner, bored and tired, daydreaming about the life he could have. The spontaneous performance is one we love here at One Thousand Eyes and I hope it’s not the last time we see Mr. Rockwell shake his stuff.

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