Review: Encyclopedia Pictura


Consisting of Eran Hilleli, Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch, the collective known as Encyclopedia Pictura are responsible for some of the most bold and eclectic videos of recent last years. Collaborating with the likes of Bjork, Grizzly Bear and Metronomy, their work oozes with the imaginative freedom and zest that is seldom expressed from adult minds. At the heart of their visuals lay great substance, these aren’t just colourful concoctions designed to grab you attention and offer nothing in return. They tell stories through a youthful lens free of the rigid contraptions of reality. Naturally their speciality lays in animation but they dabble in all sorts; arts and craft, 3D and live action.


Their animated video for Panda Bear’s metronome inducing “Boys Latin”, tells a cryptic story of infliction and companionship. Combining charming character design and low polygon environments ( a signature of Eran Hilleli) the video takes you on a bizarre trip in which flesh loving bulbous organisms inflict the curious with colourful spores that are constantly morphing and evolving, an effect that is at once both gorgeous and potentially itch inducing. The stuttering frame rate of the video may jar you initially but it soon proves itself a valid contributor to the overall hallucinogenic experience that awaits.


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