Review: Seafret “Oceans”


North Yorkshire duo Seafret released the official video for their beautiful track “Oceans” in early February. The sombre clip was directed by  Jonathan Entwistle and deals with a neglected schoolgirl played by Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams. Coming home from school the young girl is welcomed with deafening silence along with a note from her mother revealing that she will be working late again. Bored, the young girl dons her superhero costume, a costume likely to have been made by her preoccupied mother. With a piece of her mother with her, she then takes to the deserted streets in search of something to do. After aimlessly walking around she finally finds human contact as she is ridiculed and beaten to the ground. Making her way home, the disheartened girl is soon welcomed to a different  kind of human contact; a mothers embrace.

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