Review: J. Cole “G.O.M.D”


J. Cole calls for unity amongst the black community in his new music video for “G.O.M.D”. Set on a slave plantation in Napoleonville, Louisiana, “G.O.M.D” deals with issues such as colourism and the “real nigga” mentality that runs rampant through the black community. Directed by Lawrence Lamont, the clip sees J. Cole calling for his fellow slaves to rebel with him. However, this is not an easy task as he initially faces resistance from the field slaves who don’t consider him one of them.

“I’m not on the block; I didn’t come up in the streets to where I have a cool drug dealer story or a cool gangsta story like the real niggas got—like the real rappers and how we perceive them. Like, “I fuck with this rapper cause he a real nigga—cause he’s talking about this, that, and the third.” But really it’s like, nah. He was just more oppressed. He was just in a more fucked up situation. Just like the field slave. He’s in the worst position on the whole plantation. So there’s that correlation there, and the fact that in the video I was seeking for that approval. If you notice, I was like, “What’s up fellas!” I want them to like me [laughs]. Our mindset is so fucked up that the people that actually found a way to escape the oppression, either through their own merit or through their parents providing them with the opportunities, are seeking approval from the more oppressed. They want the stamp. They wanna be real! Look at the way I talk. I’m a college graduate. Every person I know that graduated college, our preferred speak, which we can switch on and off, our preferred speak is more relaxed and more street. So that’s what it was like for me in the video being like “What’s up fellas? We in this together, right?” – Saint Heron

Ultimately, once Cole presents the slaves with the opportunity for escape and revenge, the slaves set aside their differences and work together.

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