Review: Radiohead “Just”

This weeks “Noteworthy Classic” is the fantastic surreal ‘Just’ from Radiohead. It’s hard to believe this video is 20 years old this year but it still stands up in it’s concept against many videos today. Directed by the fabulous Jamie Thraves who is still working hard today creating some of the biggest videos out there (Sam Smith; Rizzle Kicks etc.) he constantly proves he is a man of integrity by trying to tell intricate stories within his videos; as well as retaining the ‘band performance’ element lost in many videos today.

Just sees Radiohead members performing in a seemingly ordinary apartment above a unordinary street; as a man going through some kind of existential crisis lies down in the center of the road and the masses that pass him struggle to help him up. With an undertone of societies misunderstanding and unaccepting nature towards depression and mental illness this videos sees member of the public verbally abusing the man who cannot be moved. At the end of the video we see the man whisper an important message to the other members of the public and in a climactic shot which ends the video we see them all lie down and follow suit. A video which still has people asking ‘why!?’ today, this is one of our favorite old concept and a well conceived video for the band.

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