Review: Flying Lotus “Tiny Tortures”

Director, David Lewandowski
Starring, Elijah Wood
Cinematographer, Christian Sprenger
VFX supervisor, Dustin Bowser

Here we follow a recently injured male character (Elijah Wood) as he imagines a world where his lost arm can be recreated by his earthly possessions. This culminates in a psychedelic, prescription-drug-fueled colour trip, and eventually, quite a horrific result.

Simultaneously uplifting and upsetting, this video presents the characters simple ambition to have his arm again, portrayed in a hyper-imaginative way. Some shots suggest his desperation and fear, for example the moment in which the larger furniture begins to edge forward to join his new body part. Others suggest pure elation, as he is surround by a mesh of colour and given the chance to walk as his full self in an unworldly place outside of his room. The final image pushes the idea onto sinister ground, being particular chilling and (warning) slightly disturbing.

The idea has been considered brilliantly. Alongside that, it has been filmed and animated flawlessly. It watches like a short film, and you really feel for the character as he gets more and more absorbed in his own aspirations, as well as his hope that the “things” he has accumulated may now come to his aid.

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