French artist and producer Brodinksi delivers a high-octane treatment for his single “Can’t Help Myself”. Helmed by director collective Megaforce, the video progresses in retrograde fashion as we see the protagonist regress in age, turning from an elderly man, to a young father and finally to a humble child. Each transition is preceded by a moment of contemplation before a dark swelling in his chest materializes, evolving into a tar like cocoon which soon engulfs him. The dark cocoon erupts to reveal a younger self, stained with the black substance. The premise is an intriguing one and the parallels to sin and addiction are unavoidable when the lyrics “I fell in love with drugs man, I can’t help myself” echo repeatedly in the background. The video features a great reoccurring motif, a seemingly infinite tunnel through which our lead always finds himself trudging along. An analogy for life perhaps.

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