Review: Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra “Want It Back”



Taken from Amanda’s 1.2 million crowd funded 2012 studio album Theatre Is Evil, “Want it back” was it’s first official single. Filmed, Directed and Edited by stop motion visual artist Jim Batt in their hometown of Australia. “Want it back” is a creative stop motion video dealing with the themes of body politics and acceptance. Anyone that’s aware of Amanda Palmer knows that she doesn’t care about labels, or social conformity, and in this latest NSFW inspired collaboration this is shown as Amanda’s naked body is used as a canvas for her lyrics. The calligraphy and typography painstakingly hand painted frame by frame, by local tattoo/graffiti artist Curran James.

“I think we’re just freaked out by imperfection. For me, I’ve found it to be an ongoing and exciting challenge. Being naked takes a certain kind of bravery. Being naked and imperfect takes another kind of bravery.” – Amanda Palmer Interview on

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