Review: OKAY KAYA “Damn Gravity”


Often the simplest solution is touted as the best and OKAY KAYA’s  “Damn, Gravity” makes a rather compelling case for this argument. The song itself is sparse yet melodic and tender, the visuals simple and captivating. Directed by Eric. K. Yue, the video is a collage of intimate moments. The camera glued to her like a lover, KAYA croons in a beautiful and authentic performance that’ll have you instantly fall in love with her. The shift in scenery and angles keep things moving but the lighting takes the crown here as we jump between gorgeous warn and cold hues, most of which appear to be emitting from natural sources. As no Cinematographer is credited, we look towards colorist Mikey Rossiter for perfecting the rich palette seen throughout the two and a half minute video.

KAYA herself is a relatively unknown entity right now, with this video being the only content on her YouTube channel. After such an enchanting and personable debut, we can’t wait to see more from her.

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