Review: Liars “Mess on a Mission”

“Mess on a Mission” is the “Liars” first single from their 7th studio album “Mess”. It’s directed by Luis Cervéro and produced in partnership with Uban Outfitters, “Mess on a Mission” is an interesting glitchy, visual experience. Filmed to mimic our increasing inability to tell reality and fiction apart the “Liars” were filmed on a green screen background walking upstairs from different angles. These shots were then looped over a curious mix of virtual backgrounds. With each background different objects are composited into their hands, from swords and flaming torches, to signs that read “Facts Are Fiction” and “What A Mess”.

These signs combined with the increasingly frantic intercut environments, create an atmosphere of confusion. A overwhelming effects is created as your eyes try to catch up as reality is  farther skewed. As the song progresses the computer-generated environments become increasingly hectic and distorted, changing from something that initially could be mistaken as reality, to something that is obviously computer generated and artificial. Towards the end we even see the original footage of the “Liars” walking in a green screen room holding objects with tracking markers attached.

Cerveró spoke to Urban Outfitters about the video concept. “I’d like to leave it open for everyone to read it their way…..… But basically, what happens is that reality gets increasingly diluted to the beats of the track.”

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