Review: Flying Lotus “Coronus, The Terminator”

Directed by Young Replicant

Flying Lotus steps into the morbid dream world of a proposed afterlife in this music video. We find out what a man’s final moments on Earth as a spirit may look like, as he’s slowly chased down by the dancing, ash-covered inhabitants of the afterlife (Flying Lotus taking his place as one of them).

Flying Lotus is no stranger to the cinematic, releasing a short film for his previous album Until The Quiet Comes. In the same spirit, this video does well to encapsulate its audience in the frightening perspective on the main protagonist. The choreography for the onlooking ‘chasers’ gracefully accompanies the style of the film, with disjointed yet flowing movements that conjure images of ghouls and skeletons. There’s also a little motif planted in there from a previous video for the song Tiny Tortures, which is always nice to see.

On a side note, there’s also talk of a full length, Flying Lotus-written film in the pipelines, directed by Kahlil Joseph (director of the before mentioned Until The Quiet Comes). If this is anything to go by, you best keep your eyes open for that.

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