Review: Will Young “Like a River”

Will Young is a making a comeback and in light of this we are excited to see he’s teamed back up with WIZ who is also making a bit of a new mark, this time interpreting Will Young’s latest single in a dark, mysterious video shot in beautiful High-Contrast Black and White by Cinematographer Daniel Landin (Under the Skin; Full Metal Jacket).

“Like a River” begins with a slow and steady pace as we are subjected to mysterious images of Will, with a masked head, wrapped in string, heading into a dark and scary landscape. As the video pushes forward we catch glimpses of a mythical creature as Will makes his way through the maze, guided by a woman in black. Finally the video comes to a climax as Will meets the beast in the center of the maze and confronts him, taking his life. A direct retelling of the Greek myth of the Minotoar, this video explores themes of entrapment, facing your demons and the element of control (or lack thereof) at the hands of another. A refreshing piece of work from Will after a flurry of generic pop videos we are exciting to see what’s next for the artist!

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