Review: Honne “Warm On A Cold Night”

This weeks video of the week might be a slightly controversial choice as I think this video is imperfect in many ways. But isn’t it our imperfection that make us beautiful! Honne’s video for “Warm On A Cold Night” Directed by Geej Ower is a beautiful, simple love story between two silent women in a parking lot. It’s not a complex idea, and it’s not a groundbreaking one either. But the women express their emotions with such sincerity and grace that it can’t not be enjoyed.

“Warm On A Cold Night” begins in an admittedly unnecessary way as we view two women driving at night. No words are ever exchanged between the two and they slowly and silently make their way through the neon streelights towards a car parking lot. As the first Chorus hits we catch glimpses of the two women sitting in the light of the car headlights, slowly interacting with one another for the first time on screen. Miming one another and holding one another intimately. As the second verse hits we see more of the story of digression as the partnership is two seperate identities and not a whole. This is a theme through the verse – chorus structure of the song as the couple mediate between these two states. As the Second Chorus hits the women erupt into a two person dance performance with beautiful intricate gymnastics and support between the two. The video continues this way until the end – focussing now entirely on the interaction and intimacy (have I used this word to often?) between the females as they showcase to an empty crowd their love for one another. The video ends with the couple on a rooftop (similar to the beginning of the video) smiling at one another in their day-to-day life. Though the best part of the video is the dance routines in the parking lot, which unfortunately overshadow the other scenes in the video, this is well worth a watch for these alone! An instant favorite of ours.

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