Review: Keaton Henson “Small Hands”

Here at One Thousand Eyes we’re no strangers to Keaton Henson, his melancholy filled lyrics, and simple melodies are usually paired with equally expressive and touching music videos, and “Small Hands” is no exception.

Taken from Keaton’s debut album “Dear…” , “Small Hands” is a pain filled ballad of loss and loneliness. The video directed by Joseph Mann depicts these emotions visually through puppets created by Jonny Sabbagn and Will Harper, and designed by Keaton himself with the help of Jonny Sabbagn. A Beautiful bright woodland occupied with 4 sets of loving animal pairs (a pair of owls, frogs, snails and rabbits) is turned into a dark and desolate place as each of the pairs experience the loss of their partner. The nature of the deaths, a fox eating the rabbit, a snake eating the frog, a hunter killing the owl, has a sad, hopeless feeling of inevitability. As if each loss was simply a part of the cycle of life and nature, and therefore heartbreakingly unavoidable. A sad yet realistic outlook on life. Have some tissues ready, this one’s a tearjerker.


Background image primrobbs threshold by Matt Gaser

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