Review: Don’t Kill The Beast “With Every Second”

Community Submission
This weeks video of the week is dedicated to our new submission portal on OTE and is the first officially submitted video we shall be hosting! This video is for Swiss singer-songwriter “Don’t kill the Beast” – Directed by Nico Schmied – and is a beautifully quiet and quaint video which touches on the undertone melancholy of the song (juxtaposed to the cheery chord-work which reminds us of old-school ‘The Smiths’).

The Video begins with a beautiful sweeping camera which moves through a foggy forest and into a wooden shack occupied by the singer. As he sings to the camera we catch glimpses of two girls stood in the middle of the surrounding fields glaring back at us in a static serenity. As the video progresses we see DKTB singer marching through the scene followed by a crowd of people. The final act of the videos sees the singer walking to his own funeral as he lays in the ground and passes over in front of a mourning crowd. A sad and yet somehow lovely video to a lovely song. We recommend you catch it!

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