Review: Tadas Svilainis


Subtlety, poignance and brilliant design are what we see to be the centre of Lithuania artist Tadas Svilainis’s current offerings. Abstract visual pieces combining various forms of multimedia to evoke the spirit, cryptic visuals but provocative non the less. They’re abstract, removing the clutter and exposition of linear narrative and instead serving something more poetic. Imaginative treatments that cling to the soul of a song, not just the artist.

His work on Jon Hopkins “I remember” is beautifully serene. A series of shots enveloped by what appears to be dancing vapours, white, red and dark wisps soon become more discernible images, a trio of ethereal dancers courting amongst the darkness. A simple treatment as elegant as the piano piece its acts adjacent to.

For Bonobo and Szjerdene’s gorgeous ghostly jazz number “Get Thy Bearings”, he again offers initial glimpses of abstract forms. Frames of white and black porcelain molds clearly depicting  humanoid forms expand over time into a cohesive gestalt, a final rendering of 2 lovers mid embrace, seemingly ripped from their space suites and exposed to the darkness. With no exposition in hand, the mind makes up its own narrative and we’re seeing a boundless expression of love.

Not much is known about Tadas Svilainas, but the 3 videos currenty sitting in his vimeo vault tell us to eagerly anticipate his future offerings, hopefully there’s plenty more on the horizon.

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