Review: Booka Shade feat. Karin Park “Line of Fire”

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This weeks video of the week is dedicated to our newest partners at OTE – Radar Music video Commissioners. Most of you artists and Directors out there will know of Radar but what they have to offer in terms of new talent is vast. This week we are dedicating our Video of the Week to Booka Shade’s video for ‘Line of Fire’ by Directors Jeremy Carne & Nikolas Kasinos.

“Line of Fire” features a group of dancers and centers around a supremely intimate entanglement of the group as they grope, hold and slide delicately past one another. Cut with a series of close ups and slightly wider shots we build a picture of the group through obscure movements of hands, arms and legs through one another in a Love Quadruple. The video ends as the dancers, who are dressed as cyborgs, hook back up to their central computer and power down. An intimate, delicate video of a strange but beautifully simple concept that we have really enjoyed here at OTE. These guys are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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