Review: John Legend “Made to Love”

“I was never sure of a God before, but I know he must exist… He created this.”

John Legend’s “Made to Love” is a brilliant love letter to the human form and all its intricacies. Director Daniel Sannwald delivers something smouldering, quite literally. Distortion in scenes mimic that of arid climate and we’re presented with plentiful close-ups of oil lathered skin, the specularity accentuating the textures and shapes of the bodies layered upon each other. The latter half  of the video employ some gorgeous VFX models which flow between states of solid and liquid, adding a touch of divinity to the proceedings.

With Kanye West on production and Kimbra delivering eccentric, soulful backing vocals, it’s a surprise this 2013 track was largely overlooked. The duality of its tribalism and electronic influences is quite a treat.

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