Review: Lamb “What Makes Us Human”

Community Submission
The next community submitted video is by Directed Aidan Wood and embodies a surreal work of art to Lamb’s “What Makes Us Human” in a subtle homage to the elements and quite literally our makeup as human beings. Shot wonderfully by Laurens de Geyter the video sweeps and sways through the song.

We begin with a reminding statement of the core chemical element of the universe as a piece of Carbon drops to the floor. A woman in a white cloth dances in a studio – something mimicking the idea of a womb. Beautiful VFX work creates smooth elements as the base rock circles to the helm of the woman. Water, air and earth elements blow together to create a wonderful climax which builds to the woman screaming into the air – the first time we see her face as the cloud of dust picks up and the dirt beneath her feet becomes more of a focus the video builds to it’s final moments as the woman reveals herself and crumbles away in the wind. As the dust settles the final notes ring out. A beautiful complex video unlike something I’ve not quite seen before in Music Video.

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