Review: Edifice


At One Thousand Eyes we never tire of a beautiful dance number and “Edifice” does more than enough to warrant our attention. Performed and choreographed by  Carmine De Amicis and Harriet Waghorn, the film exhibits intricate courtship in which dependency and support are displayed, with the two dancers exploring a complex relationship with each other. The video is scored by Alaskan Tapes’ “Then Suddenly, Everything Changed”; a sparse and atmospheric theme, almost a tad cold. Something measurable in the grade and setting. We’re presented with what’s undoubtedly an intimate relationship but without flourishes of romantic indulgence, instead the base is something more substantial than lust and desire.

Director Rogerio Silva clarifies on the meaning of the piece:
“Edifice is about relationships built very much like a house. Isolated forms bend, flow and connect to create a unified mass. A structure that shelters and nurtures those within.”

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