Review: Trak Joy “Skin”

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We are hot on the trail of a brand new music video to come out of NYC duo Trak Joy. Being talking about ALOT at the moment we wanted to share with you the wonderfully confident work on Director Connor Coleman as he plays with narrative storytelling at it’s core.


“Skin” begins at the end of the video as one of the members lies, in pain, on the ground. Glimpses of the duo driving across a coastal beach jump back and forth to moments in the story which show the talent digging, standing and driving a beautiful Red Pickup Truck under a pier. The striking visuals and constant revisiting of repeated shots slowly develops the story to you in quite a unique way. The Video finally builds to the iconic moment as we discover the source of their digging, a strange other-worldly object floating in their palms. From this moment on the pace quickens and between the usual glimpses from before we get imagery of the pair screaming, running, shouting and crawling across the floor. Towards the end of the video we are still not entirely clear as to what happened to the duo but whatever it was was bad. An enticing, hypnotic video with unique visuals and a strong storytelling technique makes this one to watch. Told with such confidence by Connor Coleman.

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