Review: Spoon “Inside Out”

Community Submission
We’ll be honest, we didn’t realise Spoon were still making music these days, but we’ve certainly missed them and were delighted to have a community submission from their latest Music Video Directors LeBlanc & Cudmore for “Inside Out”

“Inside Out” follows a similar formula to a few videos we’ve been shouting about recently here on OTE and explores the “Snippet” storytelling technique. Yes, this in a made up term by ourselves, and yes there is probably an official textbook term… but we think it’s fitting to the form of storytelling in which we get mini glimpses to build up to the whole concept or event. In this video we catch views of Spoon front man Britt Daniel sitting morosely in the corner of the room, watches singular moments, often surreal, in peoples lives from the outset. In a mystical, other-worldy sense, he is observing moments in life, good and bad, and that’s it. Simply put. The song’s lyrics mimic this idea as they discuss the nature of time and gravity and how it moves and flows. This juxtaposition between the flexibility of time and the static fragments of life we get through the video make for a great concept, well executed by LeBlanc & Cudmore.

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