Review: Frank Ocean “Pyramids”


Nabil is one of the most prolific talents in pop and RnB visual treatments and his effort on Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids” serves as one of his and Frank’s finest moments. Drenched in delirium, the video follows the character of the any Nabil production in that it achieves impeccable tone and atmosphere, bringing the sultry horns and dreamy synths from the track to life. Following an alcohol binge, Frank is left dazed and weary in a strip club flooded with rouge lights and girls of the night. Their faces morph into sinister forms whilst an intoxicated Frank stares on bemused; crooning “She’s working at the Pyramid tonight”. The video climaxes with visions of John Mayor performing before a monolithic neon triangle, depicting him in an almost diving light, an Eidolon of sorts. His guitar solo becomes a cradle song as Frank’s consciousness fades into further darkness.

We hope to see Frank delivery equally gripping visuals from cuts of  his upcoming album “Boys Don’t Cry”.

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