Review: J.Viewz “Rivers and Homes”

“Rivers And Homes” is a track from the 2011 2nd full-length album from J-Views. The video itself is a spectacular show of stop motion animation photography and a wonderful collaboration between artist and fans. Directed by Eran Amir, Jonathan Dagan and Shelly Carmel, the former who also directed J. Viewz’s video for “Salty Air, with the stop motion portion of the video filmed by photographer Eran Amir. The video part of the music video consists of J-view dancing in a cat costume and singing in New York, every frame of this video was then printed out and given to fans to be photographed during his Israel tour, 2000 photos, 300 fans. A great concept  executed beautifully, the video invokes feelings of celebration and togetherness. Photographer and innovative videographer Eran Amir (who they hired to take the photos) previous viral video was the inspiration for this video. Check it out here:


Background image primrobbs threshold by Matt Gaser

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