Review: Gwilym Gold “Triumph”

A fury of drums and feral moves introduce “Triumph”, the new single from Gwilym Gold, this weeks tantalising new blood.

Performed by Nandi Bhebhe and choreographed by Holly Blakely who pulls double duty as director too, the movements in the clip often feel improvised versus premeditated, freely driven as if Nandi is following her heart and bodies instinctive, primal inclination towards the soundscape, with a few select  moments repeating like a hypnotic loop. The video paints an almost monochromatic picture with high contrast lighting on Nandi allowing her to act a medium between the strongly lit ground and darkened back walls. The result is a gorgeous aesthetic wherein all the elements of the frame blend into one another.

The track itself is of course brilliant. One of the key features that caught our attention was how the high-octane percussions brilliantly juxtaposes the mellow synth melody and Gwilym Gold’s soft, wispy vocals. Thankfully it won’t be long before we’re blessed with a full LP. His debut album “A Paradise” releases on June 22.

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