Review: Tazer feat. Tinks “Wet Dollars”

Community Submission
The next community submitted video is Directed by Glenn Michael and produced by one of our partners at OAKA for Tazer feat Tinks single “Wet Dollars”. Set on the backdrop of New York the video sets a simple tone as the group pose and dance around familiar landmarks to the beat of the song. Marked with some beautiful imagery and locations such as warehouses, the underground and on top of a bus, the video acts as a sort of love letter to the city as we progress through from Morning to Night with the dancers moving through a vibrant and interesting landscape. Quite a standard Hip Hop/RnB video at heart without breaching any particularly unique ideas but the imagery and performance of the dancers make this video worth a little watch if you are a fan of the genre and Director Glenn Michael’s up and coming work with such artists as The Weeknd.

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